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This is an article from our old website, although it is now redundant  it is included here because it is widely referred to and is indicative of the debate surrounding the breed at the time.


The Akita Dillemma – One Breed or Two ? : a historical perspective


Sophia Kalizniacki, DVM


Many of you have heard about the controversy surrounding the current status of the Akita. The Japan Kennel Club as well as AKIHO (the parent club in Japan), do not consider American Akitas to be true Akitas. Over the last several years Japan has convinced the FCI countries to eliminate any Akitas with pinto markings, black masks and any black color on the body from any serious consideration at the shows. This has effectively removed most American Akitas from competition in the FCI countries. Since there seems to be more than a little confusion surrounding this issue let me give you a little background.

According to Japanese history, the ancient ancestor of the Akita was the Matagi-inu. Matagi-inu means hunting dog. As time went on, and the social history of the Japanese people developed, these hunting dogs were changed in conformation and temperament so they could also serve as guard dogs and subsequently as fighting dogs. With the advent of fighting, other breeds were crossed with the native Matagi-inu to produce larger and fiercer fighting dogs. In the early 1900’s the Japanese fanciers first became seriously interested in native Japanese breeds, their purity and preservation. The Akita did not get its name until 1931 when it, along with other native animals, was designated a Natural Monument by the government. Because Japan was almost constantly involved in wars, including World War I and II, during the first half of the century there were very few Akitas and three types of dogs were generally lumped together under the name Akita. These were the Matagi Akita which was the original hunting dog; the Fighting Akita which was a mixture of Matagi and several other breeds including Mastiff and Great Dane; and the so called German Shepherd Akita which was the result of breeders trying to save their dogs from confiscation by the government. During the war the government decreed that most dogs be confiscated and used as a source of fur for military garments. Only German Shepherds were exempt because of their use as military dogs. Many fanciers bred their Akitas to German Shepherds in order to avoid them being killed for their coats. This, plus the fact that it was very difficult to keep and feed large dogs during these very difficult times, set the preservation process back considerably.

Right after World War II, servicemen brought many Akitas to the USA. Other fanciers who had discovered this breed imported them up to the early 70’s. Most of these dogs were of the Fighting Dog type and the German Shepherd type.

The Akita was fully recognized as a breed by the AKC in early 1973. At that time, the doors were closed to further imports because the AKC did not recognize the Japanese Kennel Club. Meanwhile, in Japan the restoration process was in full swing. But even in Japan there was not total agreement as to what constituted the true Akita. There were five organization, all with their own standard promoting their version of the breed. The organization that became dominant, and is today the parent club for the breed in Japan, is known as AKIHO. Largely through the efforts of this club and its breeders the Akita in Japan changed dramatically from the dog found right after World War II. The Japanese breeders decided that the true Akita was the ancient Matagi, or hunting type. The Fighting Akita type was also deemed incorrect because of the many foreign breeds that had been introduced over the past several hundred years in order to create it. Certainly, the German Shepherd type, a necessity because of the war, was not desired. In spite of the fact that the Akita breeders in Japan chose to promote the Matagi Akita, it must be understood that not only the Matagi Akita, but also the Fighting Akitas, are both historically Japanese breeds.

In the US, the breeders and fanciers were more drawn to the large and substantial dogs typified by what the Japanese call the Fighting Akita. Some Akitas of the Matagi type were brought in over the years. But by and large, breeders preferred the Akitas typical of what we have today. When the AKC recognized the JKC in 1992, it opened the doors for further imports. By this time, the Japanese dogs had diversified even further from what we were breeding here. Many of us found them quite exotic and some breeders imported them to cross with our type. A few started to breed them true to the Japanese type and have continued to do so.

It was at this time that problems started to arise worldwide in regard to judging and breeding. Most Akitas in other countries had come from the US and were of American type. The FCI is a show giving organization with which most countries other than the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and a few others are affiliated. It accepts the standard of the country of origin for a breed. Japan started to push toward having the FCI judges judge according to the standard and wishes of Japan Kennel Club. They fazed this in gradually. At first, not much was made of it. However, when it became apparent that Akitas with black masks and colours other than red, white and brindle could not receive excellent ratings, and eventually could not be used for breeding, the issue of the two types rapidly came to a head.

About three years ago several FCI countries petitioned the FCI to consider splitting the Akita into two breeds. After all, there were many breeders in the FCI countries that owned and bred what became known as the American Akita, yet they could not show them and in some cases they could not even register them. In response, JKC organized the first World Akita Conference that was held in December 1996 in Tokyo. At this conference, which I attended along with ACA president Nancy Henry, and included representatives of 14 countries, it was decided that the American type of Akita and the Japanese Akita were two different breeds and should be shown separately and not be interbred. JKC would have liked to have AKC and The Akita Club of America to also split the Akita into two breeds at the same time that FCI does this. To that end, representatives from JKC had several meetings with both the Akita Club of America and AKC to present and discuss the issue. However, here in the US, it is not merely a function of a governing body such as the AKC to make this change. It requires a two-thirds majority vote of the membership of the parent club to affect any changes. Because of the Akita Club of America’s undecided position on the issue of a breed split and the JKC’s wishes to effect the split in FCI concurrently with a split in the US, the whole issue became a highly charged stalemate in the FCI. On June 10, 1998, a letter signed by 24 FCI member countries was presented to the FCI board. It stated in part: “Since the Japan Kennel Club has officially admitted, before the present General Assembly of FCI, that two different breeds of Akita do indeed exist, and since one of these two breeds was developed not in Japan but in USA, it has become urgent to recognize that breed formally, under the patronage of FCI.”

A second World Akita Conference was held in Haam, Germany in December of 1998. I also attended this meeting along with Akita Club of America president, Rita Biddle and ACA treasurer Steve Lisker. At this meeting, it was again decided that the Akita would be divided into two breeds in the FCI countries as soon as possible. JKC then made a formal proposal for an Akita breed split to the FCI. This proposal has the support of both the Scientific Commission as well as the Standards Commission of the FCI. It will now be voted on by the FCI General Assembly in June, just before the World Show in Mexico City. The vote by the General Assembly is essentially a ratifying vote to accept what the FCI has already approved. All indications are that it will be passed by an overwhelming majority. Much to the dismay of American breeders and breeders of American type Akitas in other countries, the name for the American type will be, at least for now, Great Japanese Dog. (Since this article has been written the FCI has officially divided the Akita into two breeds)

Today we not only have American Akitas that cannot be shown or bred under FCI rules in the FCI countries, but also Japanese Akitas whose breeders and fanciers would like to have their dogs compete for AKC championships under their own standard and against their own type. In the FCI countries, the American Akita is the minority, while in the US it is the Japanese Akita that is at a disadvantage.

So just how do these dogs differ? The differences are so great that it is very much like comparing Malamutes to Siberian Huskies. The Japanese dogs are not as large or massive and heavy boned as American. They are square in proportion and have a much more pronounced tuck-up. The head proportions are more 50/50 whereas the American standard calls for a 40/60 (as two is to three) ratio between muzzle and top skull. The American standard allows all colours whereas the Japanese dogs are only allowed to be red, white or brindle with no pintos or black masks. Red and brindle dogs are required to have white shading on face, chest, inside of legs and under tail. In general the Japanese dogs have a striking resemblance to Shibas, but in a much larger size.

The problem of the two very divergent types has for all practical purposes been solved in the FCI countries. In fact American Akitas are now being exported in greater numbers to Europe and a few have already been exported to Japan in anticipation of the split into two breeds. In the US however, there is as much dissention amongst the fanciers as there was previously in the FCI countries. Many breeders want to split into two breeds and just as many do not. It is an issue that has generated a huge amount of debate. The Akita Club of America will be voting on whether to split the breed or not in the near future. My personal feelings are that the dogs are so totally different that a split into two breeds would be best for the breeds. How the ACA membership decides however, remains to be seen.

Addendum: Since this article was written two significant events have occurred. First the FCI has officially split the Akita into two breeds. The two are now known as the Japanese Akita and the Great Japanese Dog (formerly American Akita) and compete in two separate groups. The name “Great Japanese Dog” for the American type was politically motivated and has not made breeders of American Akitas happy. Second, a straw poll to consider a split of the breed in the US was not passed by the membership of the Akita Club of America. This means that we will have to live with this dilemma for a few more years. In the meantime the Japanese Akita Club of America has been formed and is in the process of seeking recognition through the United Kennel Club.

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