FCI Great Japanese Dog breed standard

Origin: Japan

Development: USA

Utilization: Companion Dog

Classification FCI: Group 2 Pincher and Schnauzer


Mountail and Cattledogs and Related Breeds

Section 4 -Related Breeds

Without working trial

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: In the beginning, the history of the Great Japanese Dog (formerly American Akita) is identical with the development of the Japanese Akita. Since 1603, in the Akita region, Akita Matagis (medium sized hunting dogs) were used as fighting dogs. From 1868, the breed was crossbred with Tosa (a mixture of Shikoku with German Pointing Dogs, St Bernard Dogs, or Great Danes) and Mastiffs. The size of this breed increased, but characteristics such as erect ears or curled tail, which are associated with the Akita (Spitz type) were lost. As in 1908 dog fighting was prohibited, the breed were nevertheless preserved as a large Japanese breed and in 1931 was designated as a Natural Monument. During World War II (1939-1945), it was common to use dogs as a source of fur for military garments. The police ordered the capture and confiscation of all dogs other than German Shepherd Dogs. When World War II ended, Akitas had been drastically reduced in number and existed as three distinct types: 1) Matagi Akitas 2) Fighting Akitas 3) Shepherd Akitas. This created a very confusing situation in the breed.

During the restoration process of the pure breed, after the war, Kongo-go of the Dewa line enjoyed a temporary, but tremendous popularity. Many Akitas of the Dewa line, which exhibited characteristics of the Mastiff and German Shepherd influence, were brought back to the United States by members of the Military Forces. The Akitas from the Dewa line, intelligent and capable of adapting to different environments, fascinated breeders in the United States and the line was developed with increasing number of breeders and a great rise in popularity.

The Akita Club of America was established in 1956 and the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted the breed (inscription into the stud book and regular show status) in October 1972. However, at this time, the AKC and the JKC (Japan Kennel Club) did not have reciprocal agreements for recognizing each other’s pedigrees and therefore the door was closed for the introduction of the new bloodlines from Japan. Consequently, Akitas in the United States became considerably different from those in Japan, the country of origin. They developed as a type unique in the United States, with characteristics and type unchanged since 1955. This is in sharp contrast with the Japanese type that was crossbred with Matagi Akitas for the purpose of restoring the orginal pure breed.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Large Sized dog, sturdily built, well balanced, with much substance and heavy bone. The broad head, forming a blunt triangle, with deep muzzle, relatively small eyes and erect ears carried forward almost in line with back of neck, is characteristic of the breed.


* The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 9 to 10 in males and 9 to 11 in bitches

* The depth of the chest measures one-half of the height of the dog at withers

* The distance from tip of nose to stop corresponds to the distance from stop to occiput as 2 does to 3

BEHAVIOR/TEMPERAMENT: Friendly, alert, responsive, dignified, docile and courageous.

Head: Massive, but in balance with the body, free of wrinkles when at ease. Head forms a blunt triangle when viewed from above.


Skull: Flat and broad between ears. A shallow furrow extends well up on forehead.

Stop: Well defined, but not too abrupt


Nose: Broad and black. Flesh colour permitted on white dogs only, but black is always preferred.

Muzzle: Broad, deep and full

Lips: Black and not pendulous; tongue pink. Flesh coloured lips permitted in white dogs only.

Jaws/Teeth: Jaws not rounded, but blunt, strong and powerful. Teeth strong with regular and full dentition; scissor bite preferred, but level bite acceptable.

Eyes: Dark brown, relatively small, not pronounced, almost triangular in shape. Eye rims back and tight; flesh coloured eye rims permitted in white dogs only.

Ears: Strongly erect and small in relation to the rest of the head. If the ear is folded forward for measuring length, tip will touch upper eye rim. Ears are triangular, slightly rounded at tip, wide at base, not set too low. Viewed from the side, the ears are angled forward over the eyes following the line of the neck.

Neck: Thick and muscular with minimal dewlap, comparatively short, widening gradually toward shoulders. A pronounced crest blends harmoniously into the base of skull.

BODY: Longer than high. Skin not too thin, neither too tight nor too loose.

Back: Level

Loin: Firmly muscled

Chest: Wide and deep. Ribs well sprung with well developed brisket.

Underline and Belly: Moderate tuck-up

TAIL: Large and well furnished with hair, set high and carried over back or against flank in a three quarter, full, or double curl, always dipping to or below level of back. On a three quarter curl, tip drops well down on flank. Root large and strong. The terminal bone of tail reaches hock when let or pulled down. Hair coarse, straight, and dense, with no appearance of a plume.


Forequarters: Forelegs heavy-boned and straight as viewed from front

Shoulders: Strong and powerful with moderate layback

Pasterns: Slightly sloping forward in an angle of approximately 15 degrees to the vertical

Hindquarters: Strongly muscled, width and bone coparable to forequarters. Dewclaws on hind legs customarily removed.

Upper Thigh: Strong, well developed, parallel when viewed from behind.

Stifles: Moderately bent

Hocks: Well Let down, turning neither in nor out.

Feet: Straight, cat feet, well knuckled up with thick pads.

Gait/Movement: Powerful, covering ground with moderate reach and drive. Movement parallel when viewed from front and behind, back remaining strong, firm and level.


Hair: Double coat. Undercoat, thick soft, dense and shorter than outer coat. Outer coat straight, harsh/stiff and standing somewhat off body. Hair on head, lower legs and ears short. Length of hair at withers and rump approximately 5 cm, which is slightly longer than on rest of body, except tail, where coat is longest and most profuse.

Colour: Any colour like red, fawn , white, etc: or even pinto and brindle. Colours are brilliant and clear, and markings are well balanced, with or without mask or blaze. White dogs(solid in colour) have no mask. Pinto have a white ground color with large, evenly placed patches covering head and more than one third of body. Undercoat may be a different colour from the outer coat.


Height at withers: For males 66 to 71cm (26-28 inches)

For bitches 61 to 66 cm (14-26 inches)

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

*Feminine dogs, masculine bitches

*Narrow or snipey head.

*Any missing tooth (except 2 of the PM1 and/or M3)

*Spotted tongue

*Light eyes

*Short Tail

*In or out at elbows

*Any indication of ruff or feathering

*Shyness or viciousness

Serious Faults:

*Light in substance

*Light bone

Disqualifying Faults:

*Butterfly nose or total lack of pigmentation on nose on dogs other than white.

*Drop, hanging, or folded ears

*Under – or overshot bite

*Sickle or uncurled tail

*Dogs under 63.5 cm (25 inches), bitches under 58.5 (23 inches)

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