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As one of the directors of Best Paw Forward, Joanne runs the busy grooming salon (always handy when preparing for shows) and also is a qualified canine psychologist and behaviourist. Brought up with working gundogs, she has kept a wide variety of breeds in all the groups.

She runs a puppy socialisation class (which our pups attend) and is currently in the process of setting up an agility club. This year has also seen Joanne’s company launch their own brand of excellent quality complete dog food. At least one of our dogs accompany her to work every day ensuring that they are grounded, well socialised Akita Inus.


My name is Nigel Hutchings and I suppose you could say that I am responsible for the start of our voyage into the world of Akitas and Japanese Akita inus back in 1994. Truth be told I had always wanted an Alaskan malamute ever since watching  a film in 1987 called The Lost Boys , as can be seen in the clip below Nanook the Malamute saves the day and I always thought that when I had a place of my own the Malamute would be the breed for me.

My first dog was in fact a beautiful black Labrador called Ebony and from day one we were inseparable, I would sneak her in to work with me and she even slept on my bed. I lost her to a hit and run driver when she slipped off the lead one day and ran  in to the road. I was inconsolable and  thought that I would never want another dog, that was until I saw an Akita in 1994, I had been considering a Malmute but had some concerns about grooming and the stories I had heard about the breed being escapologists. I had fallen in love with the Akita  and so our journey began……………………….

The Lost Boys                                             Sky Coaster 2005

Altough I was actively involved in the formation of early breed clubs way before breed recognition, showing was not my  goal I even became a vice chairman at one point but  I do not enjoy the world of showing. I am confident that the dogs that we own and produce are healthy, happy and fit for purpose. We have always worked hard to source the very best lines and will never compromise on health or breeding and have made some enemies along the way because of this fact. I receive regular Emails from potential owners and its a sad fact that there are a lot of excuses being made for health problems simply to secure a sale. And these are some of them;

  • ” Yes the puppies are in-bred but it was an accidental mating because of a dry season”
  • ” Yes the mother does have a lot of skin problems but its an allergy to gluten”
  • “Yes it is a very high hip score but she fell when she was a pup, it wont affect her babies”
  • “Dont go near the mother she had a bad experience with a stranger and may bite you”
  • “I’ll meet you in the services to make it easier for you”

Some of these may have a grain of truth but the potential buyer needs to do their homework, we will be covering this in the what to look for section.

Connor & Tyler

These are our two boys, Connor on the left will be 17 in August and Tyler will be 14 in August. They have always had dogs in their lives and even learned to walk by tottering around the house hanging on to the dogs for balance

Connor has always been very hands on with the dogs, being involved with whelping from a very early age.

Living as close as we do to the wonderful beaches of South Wales we can often be found there.

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